Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rickerby Park

So during a lovely drive down to Carlisle to get my car tax I got there and realised that I had forgotten my documents to get the tax and having already paid of parking decided to walk back and get them. On my way back the light was lovely and the scenery idyllic. I decided to get my camera for the walk back. unfortunately by the time i got back the light was dismal but the trip was not wasted as i had my idea.

So the other day - erm Oct 4th i think. The light was again glorious so after a tedious morning in lectures i packed my camera bag put on my walking boots and after walking around for 2 hours was absolutely shattered.

but .... I found my observation.

I found that despite the view there was obstructions in the scenery. A huge tower block, a barbed wire fence, a car filled bridge, endless amounts of graffiti!!! the list is endless. So that's my Observing Environments project ..... The endless amounts of scenery destroying things.

Its going to be called Documenting Imperfections referring to the imperfections in the image that they create.

theses are the images that it would let me upload 
I own all Copyright to these images!
©Sarah Jackson 2010