Thursday, 31 March 2011

Multi Tasking

I'm doing some serious multi tasking, reading a chapter of Langfords advanced photography and making notes of my critical appraisal which I have yet to write because I'm still planning it.
The joys of  uni.

Sarah Louise

Critical Appraisal

Trying to write a 2000 word Critical Appraisal is proving difficult with distractions like twitter and forums ...  tut tut
But ... I only have that and a bibliography to do and I'm practically home free with everything but the critical studies shiz :D

There is a light at the end of the tunnel :D

Sarah Lousie

No sleep

Recently I cant sleep at all, proper insomnia. I just lie there till 4 am knowing I got no sleep the night before and knowing I'm not going get any now.

Plus the bf moans in his sleep really loud.

I just lie in bed and me heart pounds like crazy like I've just had 20 cups of coffee. I don't drink coffee or anything with caffeine in after about 4ish so its not that causing it.

Plus there has been a lot of talk of ghosts in the flat these past few weeks. Spooky sightings and mysterious boiling kettles plus banging ... all night .... thats enough to wake the dead right there.  I'm a little skeptical but the banging and doors opening and closing does irritate at 3 in the morning

Sarah Lousie

North East Photography Book Fair and Portfolio Review Day

In April The North East Photography Network is having a Book Fair and a Portfolio Review Day on the 15th and 16th of April.

Portfolio Review Day

Saturday 16th April, 9.30 – 4pm
Venue: Mining Institute, Neville Hall, Westgate Road, Newcastle.
Our  Portfolio Review day provides photographers with an opportunity to discuss their practice and portfolio with leading professionals from photographic publishing, commissioning and exhibiting sectors.
The event is aimed at critically-engaged photographers who take a serious approach to their practice and an application process is in place.
Up to 25 photographic artists will be selected to participate in up to 3 reviews.
Applicants should send a CV, short statement about your practice (max. 250 words) and web links to your work, or a maximum of 5 images, which must not be larger than 75KB each, by email to Carol McKay: by 1st April 2011.
There will be a charge for the reviews of £10 each or three for £25, which will be payable upon selection. Fees are non refundable and late-comers unfortunately can not be accommodated.
NEPN Development Bursaries
In conjunction with the Portfolio Reviews, four participating photographers will be awarded a small development bursary of £250 following nominations from our guest reviewers.  All participating photographers will automatically be considered for these awards.   The development bursaries can be used to fund research and development costs or seed publishing or production projects.
For Reviewers details, please follow the link here.

Book Fair – The Lit & Phil, Newcastle upon Tyne

Friday 15th April & Saturday 16th April
To coincide with the Photography Publishing Symposium, NEPN is organising a Book Fair to offer photographers the opportunity to show their hand-made, self-published and published books, magazines and other innovative publications.
The fair will be open for Symposium and Portfolio Review participants and reviewers and for the general public over the two days.
We are calling for contributions to the fair from regionally based photographic artists. If you would like to participate please send your publication(s) to: Amanda Ritson, North East Photography Network, University of Sunderland, Ashburne House, Ryhope Road, Sunderland, SR2 7EF by April 11th.  Any questions please
Please note that submissions will need to be collected from University of Sunderland following the event, unless SAE with appropriate postage are included with submissions.  Unfortunately we can’t offer fees for submissions but hope the opportunity to exhibit will be beneficial to participants.   The Fair is a non-selling event.


15th – 16th April 2011 NEPN Symposium and Portfolio Reviews @ Mining Institute, Newcastle
Friday April 15th: Photography Publishing and the Future of the Photo-Book:  1pm – 6.30pm
Symposium registration and admission: £5.00
To register for the symposium, please follow the link here: University of Sunderland (on-line  store)
image credit: Rob Hornstra/Arnold van Bruggen (2011) Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land 194 × 251 mm / 272pp / 93 Colour Photographs / Hardbound with photo-illustrated boards / Language: English / Design: Kummer & Herrman / Print run: 900 copies
Symposium Programme  15th April 2011
Photography Publishing and the Future of the Photobook
We are all aware of large shifts in the contemporary publishing industry affecting both the production and consumption of magazines, journals, newspapers and books. From on-line publications to print on demand and DIY publishing: questions arise about what this means for photographers, writers and curators. This symposium on the future of photography publishing will ponder some of these questions: what is the future for the production and editing of photobooks, and what are the implications for how we access and view them? Given the recent demise ofPortfolio, what kinds of platforms are there for contemporary photography and how do we continue to foster critical writing and debate?  With the ongoing crisis in the editorial market, what future publishing strategies should photographers consider?
The NEPN is delighted to welcome our panel of invited speakers to debate these and other photo-publishing issues.   Join us for an afternoon of discussion and inspiration.

Heres the link to the website
I'm hoping to go to both, I've bought my ticket for the publishing symposium, it should be a good day. I'm also contemplating putting my newest self published book into the book fair and I've emailed in about the portfolio review day. Well ... I haven't got anything better to do.
Sarah Louise 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pieter Hugo

By far some of the craziest images I have ever seen. 

Pieter Hugo photographed a sort of traveling "circus" street act, a group of men who perform with hyenas. 

Now when I picture hyenas I think of the disney ones from the lion king, kinda scrawny, clumsy creatures that aren't really all the threatening. But these big buggers would give Simba a run for his money, there actually massive! 

Check out the link to AmericanSuburbx for more about Pieter Hugo

Blurb Book

I have a new blurb book out. The book contains all of my images from my 28 Days series including the two projects that informed it. 
I have written in-depths about the three projects and it is quite a personal book. 
You can purchase it at

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

AOP Update

I had a great time at the AOP Students Awards Evening it was a fantastic event. Congratulations to the winner Squiz Hamilton on his amazing images they really were best in show. 
I got a judges choice award from Alyson Jones which I am ecstatic about :D 
I was bitterly disappointed that I didn’t get to meet more people out there. I got talking to one of the exhibitors, Jonathan Sugden, he was really nice and of course I got to talk to Squiz (before they made the announcement) and he was great. He went all the way to Uganda to photograph a tribal woman. Now thats dedication. 

I got terribly ill on the day though, I was sat in TGI Fridays having lunch and out of the blue i got really ill, to the point I was being sick on the way to the tube station, I wouldn’t recommend being sick on the streets of London as you get some very worrying looks. 

And typically ... I didn’t sell a single print but I’m not too fussed. I am however kicking myself over a guy that wanted to talk to me, he asked the lady who photographed the event to point me out but she didn’t know me until 10 min later when she came to take my photograph and she realised. But we looked everywhere for the man, she described him as wearing a smart jacket, getting on in age, slicked back sliver hair and thick rimmed dark framed glasses but alas he had gone.  Typical that I don’t get to talk to the only person who was interested in my work. 

If anyone knows who he is send him my way

Sarah Louise