Tuesday, 29 March 2011

AOP Update

I had a great time at the AOP Students Awards Evening it was a fantastic event. Congratulations to the winner Squiz Hamilton on his amazing images they really were best in show. 
I got a judges choice award from Alyson Jones which I am ecstatic about :D 
I was bitterly disappointed that I didn’t get to meet more people out there. I got talking to one of the exhibitors, Jonathan Sugden, he was really nice and of course I got to talk to Squiz (before they made the announcement) and he was great. He went all the way to Uganda to photograph a tribal woman. Now thats dedication. 

I got terribly ill on the day though, I was sat in TGI Fridays having lunch and out of the blue i got really ill, to the point I was being sick on the way to the tube station, I wouldn’t recommend being sick on the streets of London as you get some very worrying looks. 

And typically ... I didn’t sell a single print but I’m not too fussed. I am however kicking myself over a guy that wanted to talk to me, he asked the lady who photographed the event to point me out but she didn’t know me until 10 min later when she came to take my photograph and she realised. But we looked everywhere for the man, she described him as wearing a smart jacket, getting on in age, slicked back sliver hair and thick rimmed dark framed glasses but alas he had gone.  Typical that I don’t get to talk to the only person who was interested in my work. 

If anyone knows who he is send him my way

Sarah Louise 

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