Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 2: Lightbulb!

So we got our assignments yesterday and it was basically do what you want, produce 10 finished images for a crit in 5 weeks time have a research folder to have looked at at christmas then to hand in at easter and apart from that you can do as many or as few projects as we want over the year.
Absolutely no boundaries.  Which is not as good as I thought it would have been the no boundaries means there is no starting point for us so it has taken a full 24 hours of thinking to come up with one HUGE ass project to do over the year which will be substituted with a few little ones that will be thought of at a later state.
I am going to make my own magazine, like a full on vogue in one year all on my lonesome! I know I'm excited too!!!
I love fashion magazines and I would love to work for one so why not design my own! Exactly the way I would want one to be.
Im so buzzed!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My first day as a year 2 ... Kill me now

Day 1: The shit hits the fan!

So I get my arse out of bed and manage to stumble blurry eyed into uni to discover that in a weeks time we have to do a presentation on what we have been doing over the summer. Well that will take me all of 2 seconds, NOTHING! I have been working to get money for holidays rent and car insurance. I needed about £2000 so I worked like a mother! I didn't manage to motivate or inspire myself to do anything. So now the plan is to produce work in the next week I could pass off as summer work, think it will work?

I also have to say where my work is going as a photographer which is very hard because I genuinely don't know. I don't have a life plan, I don't live like that. I'm more spontaneous.