Sunday, 28 November 2010

Still Life

For my studio still life project I chose to look at how companies pump their food full of chemicals to add flavour etc.  I chose soup in particularly because whilst making a bowl of soup I happened to read the label and find that vegetable soup contained only 35% vegetables.

I froze 140g of soup in a tin, left it a day then froze 260g of water sprinkled with red food dye powder        (representing chemicals) and photographed it in the studio.

I then froze a tin of mixed vegetables to represent something like what the contents of soup should look like.

Here are the images

Photographic Time

For a photographic time project at uni we were asked to create a body of work with the theme of showing how the camera can alter the perception of time. I chose to look at soap for my project, most people don't get why I looked at soap but when you think about it soap ages pretty similarly to people, i.e. they both get wrinkles.  The images encapsulate the process of ageing and the passing of time in one image.

My images were scanned not photographed as I felt that scanning produced a better quality image as well as a more visually interesting image.

9 of my Images - I have copyright of all of these images.