Tuesday, 14 August 2012


An entire year without blogging, without recording a single thought. I simply fail to see the point in recording my every photographic thought anymore. Who the fuck cares. I haven't taken a decent photograph since april and I honestly couldn't give a fuck. I made amazing photographs that came from a place of hurt and anger and now that I have spent some time working on me. Dropping friends that didn't make me happy and acquiring knew ones that do. Spending my days doing things that make me happy, things that are most of the time, shady as fuck but that make me happy all the same. I have a few project ideas but lack the motivation to do it. I think all my creative motivation in the past came from feelings of pain, anger, jealousy and even boredom.  And now that i'm not angry at the world, now that I am just experiencing and enjoying what the world has to offer, I can't bring myself to take a fucking photograph.
But then again, am I so pompus that I think that anyone actually cares?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I think my google account has been hacked :S people receiving weird email and shares, its not me!