Thursday, 2 June 2011

Its been a while

Hmmmmm, where to start. 

Well I guess I should start at the beginning and when I come to the end, I’ll stop.  

I have been surrounded with some very trippy influences lately, whilst writing I am watching the film Labyrinth, the one with David Bowie in you know the one that damn right convinces you that you have consumed a very large dose and LSD or some other hallucinogenic substance.  All I’m going to say in whatever George Lucas was on I want some.  I also finished up reading the original Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass which I must say isn’t nearly as exciting as watching the Disney version as a child, but I do love Alice I can loose myself in that world so easily.  I also started Dorian Grey which is trippy in its own right I love that story, I love the idea of it. 

I have also gone back to work full time over the summer which is the cause for my lack of blogging, I simply haven't had anything interesting to say, my creative side has been de sensitised and battered a little by the corporate monsters.  But I only went full time to get some money together as we (the bf and I) want to go to Florence this summer and I have committed by buying a travel guide and a learn Italian DVD. I want to do things this summer, I don’t just want to do nothing, work all summer and come out with money but what’s the cost? To get that money I will find myself selling my soul to Ronald Mc Donald for £5.95 an hour which is a price I’m not prepared to accept.  I want to do things this summer, see place and achieve things. 

In fact ... we booked the holiday today!! £508 for a week in Florence inc 22kg of luggage flights and hotel with breakfast. Its not bad.  I cant wait, I'm already looking up places to go and things to see and cramming my ipod with apps and italian language lessons :P. I'm so happy. 

I need a photographic project for the summer, I can't come out at the end of the summer with no work to show I don't think I could face my tutor. 

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