Friday, 2 April 2010

Second Shoot

This shoot definitely worked better, I think the simplicity of the subject worked with the poignant nature of image, anything too fussy and the sadness would not have been portrayed. I think that by choosing just one item for the bag I am portraying more about its owner than if I had thrown hundreds of things in there. I chose a different background this time, a coffee table, I wanted something with more detail and something the item and the bad wouldn't get lost in. I think the car is quite nicely separated from the background and I also like the shadows casted, it lifts that bag away from the table.  For this shoot I tried to use all natural light but i couldn't get enough light in the window and onto the subject because of the position of the windows in my house so I had to improvise with a desk lamp but I think it looks just as good. The lamp had casted shadows that has helped separate each component i.e car, bag and table. A problem i had with my last shoot.  I am definitely going to use one of these images, probable IMG_6072 or IMG_6080 because I like the placement of the car. Having it upturned creates a little bit of symbolism and makes the viewer wonder if it is a representation of what happened to the person. 

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