Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sixth Shoot

My sixth shoot contained items from my handbag. I emptied out my handbag and arranged the contents. The only item I left out were my glasses because they gave away who's things they were because the people at collage know my glasses. I think the items work well together because they are very random. You have normal girls things in there like hand cream, breath freshener, lip balm, earnings but then you have party balloons which are not really to be expected. ( do have a good reason for having party balloons in my handbag they are for my little cousin when she comes into work). So I am again looking forward to hearing people theory about how this particular person died and the circumstances. It think it shows how people make up and let their imaginations go a little crazy.
Again I used the same great natural lighting which I think really highlights each individual item making them all stand out. I think it is the shadow which does this.

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