Thursday, 15 April 2010

Third Shoot

This is a re shoot for my first shoot. As i was not happy with how my first shoot turned out i fel that i needed to re shoot the image. I used a table in my lounge to shoot on and used natural light to light the set up. I chose a really good day to shoot as it was bright and sunny in the morning. My house only gets sun at one time of day, morning, after around 12 pm it doesn't tend to get any sun and the sun only comes in through the back door so if i want to use natural light i have to use my time well and shoot early morning.
For this shoot i took some things out of the packet and added a few new ones. I only used the phone, a ring and the tablets from the previous shoot and added a set of car keys. I think reducing the items worked really well as it was less confusing and less for your eyes to take in.
I used a red background for this one as when i turn it into black and white it wont distract from the items, a really light background would and a the items would get lost in a dark background.

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