Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Observing Environments

  My first project is called Observing environments.  Im not entirely sure what it means but I think we are supposed to document something we notice. Something that has caught our eye.  We have to make a series of images and present them digitally.   For example we could document the amount of one way streets in Carlisle because they are starting to make my blood boil!  I think it is all about things you notice that other people generally don't notice. Because the things that you notice as you go about your every day life are very personal to you.

   For example I have noticed that the butterflies her are FEARLESS!! Today I say one land right in the middle of a road on top of a leaf and being a photographer and having my camera with me I should have photographed it, but for the most part I am a watcher. 

My tutor was talking about this today, wether or not you prefer to tear open a new gadget completely ignoring the instructions and get it wrong and then read the instructions or wether you read the instructions first. I think I was the only one to read the instructions first out of the whole class! Does that make me a bad candidate for the profession ? Maybe, we'll see. 

But I am very much a watcher, probably because I have that constant ringing in my ears, what's it called? Tinnitus or something similar. ( I so just googled that )  But I am generally in a world of my own, I watch people and notice things around that maybe other people don't notice. I sit and just look for hours (currently out of my window) Noticing little things that are terribly insignificant but it's just the way I am. 

So to be honest this brief is PERFECT for me. I never really thought of it that way. This is why I love blogging because once I start rambling I look at things in lots of new ways and come up with ideas. Its like a my "head on a page".

So yeh my idea. At first I was just idea generating, something we did on my ND where you start off with a topic and spider diagram, you either pick the topic off the top of your head or read a news paper/magazine to find a story you like.  But while ideas generating I started to stare out of the window and a little photograph caught my eye. Its not very big, only about 3"x2" but it is probably the most important thing in my room. It is a photograph of my late great grandparents, a photograph that i didn't even know I had brought, my mum had put it into a little box for me with other sentimental little things for me to find. So now the photograph sits on my windowsill. Anyways I had a light bulb scenario. I want to photograph small intimate things that people have with them from home, I want to see if they hide them away or if they proudly display them. I want to see how they fit into their environment. because my photo looks very odd and lonely sat on my windowsill.  I suppose it is a little like my Personal Effects projects, small intimate items very personal to you.  I already shot my photograph but it was only to see if the images worked. I don't think they work, I need to re-shoot them. Part of me want to say that they would looks so much better shot on film but I think that is just psychological! I love film !

Im not sure about them yet. 

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