Wednesday, 22 September 2010

So I'm in my first week of freshers week at my uni :D I'm the university of Cumbria!! Doing a photography Ba and I'm at Brampton road :D ( Who the fuck are Fusehill??? ) So ill be starting with so really exciting stuff in the next three years so i thought id take up blogging again as a way of documenting / remembering it lol.

I haven't blogged since my ND so I'm a little rusty.

So ..... where did i leave off ... hmmmm.  Ahhh  my narrative brief well  after that was my final major project which I did written work for not blog and I was far to busy to even think about posting them . My images were about how nature reclaims all things eventually. but i chose a model to show this with a shoot based around a kind of Miss Havisham scenario where the model has just given up and lied down on the woods and nature has reclaimed her.  I absolutely love the novel great expectations and especially love the character Miss Havisham so having my own take on the character only seemed fitting.

I reserve copyright to all these images.

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