Friday, 18 February 2011

Digital Darkroom .... Again

So I've had a productive day, up bright and early, the day hasn't quite gone to plan, I thought I could have gotten more done but I totally forgot that I had a student rep meeting .. yes me .. a student rep. Well it looks good on your CV and its good to keep yourself busy.

I'm printing my last image, it's a re-print, because the original wasn't quite up to standard. but after that I just need to plan a trip to Digital Lab in Newcastle to get them mounted then thats me sorted!  Music to my little stressed ears.

I have a strict plan for next week, its a reading week so I need to get lots and lots done.

I am going to go out and take some film images on monday, fill the last few frames and then fill a new roll.
Then since I can't process on monday I'm going to finish off my people and environments brief. All of it. I'm quite determined.

Tuesday I'm going to process my film, I'll only have two rolls so I can do that in a morning. Then print contact sheets for all 3 rolls of film.  Again I can do that in under an hour. I don't think I can have the prints done on Tuesday so I think I will settle for processing and contact prints. I can write about them in the PM and start on my Self directed project.

Wednesday is for printing my images, I'm skeptical as to wether I will get it done all on Wed but I will make a dent in it. I'll just finish up the rest the following Wed.
Again the PM as in when the darkroom is closed will be for writing about my experiences in the darkroom. And maybe a little bit of my self directed brief.

Thursday is definitely for my Self directed brief, I want it all done for Friday so that I can get everything printed up and bound on Fri. Ready for a weekend off work and a weekend of R&R

Of course if I don't get it all done for Friday I can always work into the weekend and print on Monday Afternoon.

I also need to find the time to read a chapter in the book I'm reading for my critical studies lecture.

Busy Busy Busy

I could take it easier as the deadline isn't for another month at least but I can't just sit around and do nothing for a week. Most people are going home but I have to feel like I am moving forward all of the time, I hate the thought of standing still and not making progress

Thats all for now


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