Monday, 21 February 2011


I've done what I set out to do today :D I'm actually quite proud. It did take me all day though, roughly 6 hours to write 2351 words which is really slow but I sat down first to write down what I was going to write, that took at least an hour and I've been on and off FB and I've made 2 meals in that time and gone to get a package from Uni so I bet I was only actually writing for a few hours.  But I finished a brief :D I'm so happy :D

I'm going to go in the darkroom tomorrow and get the films that I shot developed and while they are washing I am going to print up my images ... very productive day tomorrow get the PEP pills out its going to be a long one.

( PEP are just caffeine tablets like lucozade in tablet form nothing illegal or harmful - I'm NOT on drugs )

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