Monday, 29 March 2010

Image Research

Duane Michals

This narrative makes me uneasy, to be perfectly honest it scares me.It is like something from a horror film. It reminds me of the scarecrow from jeepers creepers that comes to life and kills a little boy. It is definitely the kind of thing that horror films are made of. Its definitely playing on peoples comfort, people feel comfortable in their lives not believing in any of their childhood nightmares. I like the idea that the child knows something is going on that something is not right. She looks at the hung coat and investigates it before believing that it is nothing more than a coat. But then it comes to life and kidnaps her. It is also touching on a parents worst nightmare loosing their children. It is definitely a scary set of images, it touches on emotions that are very unpleasant to feel, fear, the sense of being unsafe etc. I think this image works well because it is something we have all experienced, that movement in the corner of your eye, that heart stopping fear you get for a split second when you see a shadow or a little bit of movement in the corner of your eye that sends shivers up your spine until you summon the courage to look for yourself and find that it was just a trick of the light. For me this is what this set of images portrays, this is what your head imagines will happen when you see a shadow move.

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