Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Martin Parr

Martin Parr : Pies, parties and pink drinks. Images can be found here

A series documenting the differnent towns in Britain and the differnet people who live there;
Although i'm not a fan of martin par, I find this set of work funny. It isnt a true representation of the different towns. And as he moves through the towns it is almost as if there really isnt a difference at all. I found myself criticising him as i came to the Manchester images, for example the terriced houses image is a typical manchester sight and it made me laugh because of just how accuritly it represents manchester but the image of diners has almost nothing to do with manchester. It could just as esily represent any other city. But the series does make you think about your town and i think it makes you quite critical of other citys.

The images themself work together well because it puts city up against city. It compares them and challenges their differences.

I like them.

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