Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Narrative In Haiti

I have found two photographers that have documented the Haitian Earthquake in different ways

Peter Turnley :- Has documented the disaster by combining the good and the bad. The celebrating and the death. I like the contrast of new babies being born despite the disaster and people dying in it. People suffering but people coming through it and making the best of a bad situation and being happy that they were still alive. I like the reality of the images, they are not posed too much as far as I know yet they still manage to portray the sence of devistration. It tells the story not of the earthquake but of the aftermath, the struggle to return to normal life. And i think the images really work, they make you aware of the crisis and want to help but not pitty them or make them look helpless or weak in any way i think that is very important.

Julie Dermansky/Polaris:- Produced a series of 27 images that documented what people managed to save from the devistation. It is a really powerful series especially when childeren are concerned one little girl saved her doll and that kind of think pulls on your heart strings more than the documented series by Peter Turnley. I think it huanises them and makes you think about what you would save. I also really like how it has been done, none of the people look despirate, a couple look tired but that is understandable. The images respect the people. They work well as a series also, they tell the peoples stories and struggles. They work well as a narative as they tell the individuals story as well as the nations, hundereds of thousands of people will be in the same situation, they are not alone in their struggles.

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  1. Hi sarah,
    Good contrast of work telling the story of Haiti from different points of view. It shows how as photographers we are communicating our view of ther world, our point of view. That's why any given subject will be communicated differently by different photographers.